September 04, 2014

Grapefruit: Eating It The Proper Way

I've often heard how tasty a grapefruit could be. I had my awful first time grapefruit-eating experience back then by eating it like how you eat an orange. Yap, LOL. I swore that I would never eat grapefruit again. And it left me ponder why people still love eating it. I wasn't a google-savvy person back then and I didn't bother to find out more. 

In recent years, I feel so stupid knowing that I actually eating it the wrong way. And I gave it shot of trying to eat grapefruit again. So I should only eat the pulp. But how? I was taught to eat it like how you eat a pomelo. The process of disposing the peel and membranes of grapefruit is painful because grapefruit pulp are not as harden as pomelo pulp. Once you are done, the bowl of grapefruit pulp would be grapefruit juice instead. It took me 15mins or more to  separate a grapefruit pulp from the membranes. Yes, I finally get to taste the real sweetness of a grapefruit but having to go through all these processes, I don't enjoy eating it anymore. So this is another painful experience I learned. 

Tonight, I feel so happy that I found an easiest and proper way from YouTube on how to eat a grapefruit. I'm sharing the video which I found it here. I got so excited and had a total of 5 grapefruit altogether with my sister. I will have a pleasurable grapefruit-eating experience from now on :D 

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